Valuable Scrap Metal Recycling

If you’re searching for the best prices for your scrap metal, look no further than ABC Recycling. Based in Kenbridge, VA, ABC Recycling’s south-central location encourages buyers to travel from within VA, as well as nearby southern states, to sell metal to the most reasonable metal buyers in the area.

You’ll find highly competitive scrap metal prices at ABC Recycling. As our customer base grows, we have been able to pass on a higher scrap price to you –– which means more money in your pocket and a cleaner environment.

ABC Recycling isn’t just a scrap yard; we treat our customers like family. With great service and pricing, it’s no wonder we have maintained loyal customers for years.

ABC Recycling: Scrap Recycling with a Focus on the Environment

By recycling your scrap metal with ABC Recycling, you’re not only making a great financial decision –– you’re also protecting the environment by reducing the need for new metal to be manufactured.

Ready to get great metal prices from ABC Recycling for your scrap metal? Our Kenbridge, VA location is just a short drive from NC, SC, TN and surrounding states, so come visit us today or check out our contact page for more information. We’re looking forward to giving you competitive scrap prices.

ABC Recycling is proud to provide scrap metal recycling services to Kenbridge, VA, as well as the surrounding states.

Partner with our international leaders in scrap metal recycling & more

ABC Recycling is your expert in buying scrap metal & providing scrap recycling containers

Working with ABC Recycling is a trustworthy, fair process for our customers

Receive the highest value when you sell ABC Recycling your scrap metals

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