Sell Your Scrap Metal to ABC Recycling

Making sure you’re getting the best possible price for your scrap metal can be tricky –– but you can rely on the scrap buyers at ABC Recycling to give you the highest feasible scrap value.

Whether you’re selling or recycling commercial or residential scrap metal, our Kenbridge, VA scrap yard is where you can get exceptional service from our skilled scrap metal recycling experts. You won’t just be getting the highest scrap prices for your metal –– you’ll also be helping to preserve the environment.

Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal with ABC Recycling

Interested in selling your scrap metal to a dependable and trustworthy company? Rely on ABC Recycling’s scrap buyers to maximize your return on investment.

When you visit ABC Recycling, you won’t only get the most ideal scrap metal recycling prices -– you’ll receive efficient service with as much care as we’d want to be treated with.

Sell Scrap Metal to Professionals You Can Trust: ABC Recycling

Bring your scrap metal to ABC Recycling’s Kenbridge, VA location or give us a call at 434-676-9222 to get the highest value for your scrap metal today.

ABC Recycling offers a variety of scrap metal recycling services, buying metal from customers in VA, NC, SC and TN and surrounding states.

Partner with our international leaders in scrap metal recycling & more

ABC Recycling is your expert in buying scrap metal & providing scrap recycling containers

Working with ABC Recycling is a trustworthy, fair process for our customers

Receive the highest value when you sell ABC Recycling your scrap metals

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