Anti Theft Policy

ABC Recycling is a leader within the catalytic converter industry. Being at the forefront of any industry means setting the standard for ethical business practice and a high level of responsibility not only to our clients but also to the industry itself. ABC Recycling have worked to set the Gold Star Standard for responsible client onboarding and lawful converter purchasing.

In recent years, catalytic converter theft has increased astronomically. Law enforcement has faced the tough task of needing to distinguish real businesses from illegitimate ones. Lawmakers have had difficulty creating cohesive guidelines to prevent converter theft and have tackled this issue on a state by state basis, often with the best guidance available but yet still with limited understanding of our niche market.

Our companies have a zero tolerance policy for theft or attempted sale of stolen converters or the unlawful purchase thereof.

We openly welcome all clients who wish to sell catalytic converters lawfully and have the proper documentation. Please be prepared to supply your business license (in some cases this can encompass a state, city and county license), valid photo ID's of all business owners, we may need to do a site visit or verification of your business which may or may not be able to be done remotely as part of our onboarding process. Knowing our clients is important to ABC Recycling to ensure that we take on legitimate businesses, we do ask questions about your general business practice to gauge your efforts in purchasing converters legally and with the proper documentation. Part of our onboarding process does include an Anti-Money Laundering Screening (AML) to help prevent onboarding clients who have any history of financial crimes or adverse media surrounding catalytic converters and your company. We do understand that negative media does not mean that a crime took place so we will accept proof of any circumstances which need further details. Our screenings are ongoing for the duration of our business relationship and we do contact you before the expiration of your documents for updated documents.

Should you wish to be a grading client, all of our receipts have the required data for catalytic converter purchasing, this includes all converters being identified individually, time and date stamps, business information for both parties, type of payment taken, totals, clients signature, a copy of your documents on our receipts and your signature. In some states we are required to obtain fingerprints, images and sometimes video of the individual and/or the transaction, license plates and images of vehicles were required.

ABC Recycling also follows all OECD guidelines for responsible supply chain sourcing of catalytic converters. For our international clients, we have additional due diligence guidelines which include ensuring we can purchase materials from your country.

Assisting Clients with Legal Purchasing and Maintaining Documentation

Just as our companies ensure that we onboard clients responsibly, we also support you in your efforts to stay compliant with the ever changing state laws and regulations. Once you are a client, we are happy to direct you to the proper resources to maintain compliance. Though we must disclaim ourselves from responsibility for the information we share and ask that clients reach out to an independent lawyer for verification of compliance information we share, we do offer guidance on state to state regulations. Our buying tools also assist with compliance and data recording to help you store proof of each transaction and client.  

ABC Recycling goal is keeping our industry free of the negative and false media surrounding catalytic converters, prevent individuals from selling unlawfully while helping those who wish to buy properly – do so within the boundaries of the law.  Finally, we wish to continue our work towards participating in shaping legislation which would continue to allow this niche market of catalytic converters to thrive.

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